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A modern website for a changing digital media landscape

(photo: Prague 1968 by Josef Koudelka)

We helped Salon Media Group, the groundbreaking internet magazine founded in 1995, launch a modern front-end web experience to improve performance, design, and ad network monetization.





What We Did


Website Development

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The Approach

We worked alongside Salon’s in-house creative and operations teams to implement the new website’s front-end, built on ReactJS, and integrate with their backend CMS using an API and web services architecture.

Salon screenshot desktop
Salon screenshot mobile

The new site is fully responsive and built on ReactJS, with a Wordpress backend.

The Result

A stunning, high-performance new website optimized for all devices and form factors. With tens of millions of page views per month and thousands of concurrent users, Salon's website is a modern digital media platform built on emerging web standards.